Life Is…

Life Is….


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Tüm dillerde Yeminli Tercüme,Çeviri,Simültane ve Ardıl Tercüme,Web Sitesi Yerelleştirme,Altyazı,Seslendirme,Yazı / Editörlük,Yabancı Dil Eğitimleri Dil hizmetleri verenler ve alanlar için etkileşim içinde olmanın ve iş yürütmenin daha verimli ve kolay yolu.. - Translation,Interpretation,Web localization,Subtitles,Voiceover,Writing / Editing,Language Education in all languages More productive and convenient way to interact and conduct business for language service providers and outsourcers..
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3 Responses to Life Is…

  1. Life is……….Tremendous! Mother Teresa was an inspiration to millions of people, but few knew that she was extremely angry with God for many years. Once she reconciled her thoughts about the world and God, she became a remarkable example of pure love. Great Woman, Great Human Being!

  2. linguaa says:

    Thank you for your comment.

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